I'm a student at CSUF. Currently, a Development Intern at The Kerner Entertainment Company and previously a Post Produciton intern at Warner Bros. TV and Nickelodeon Animation Studio. ENTJ. Made from a collection of at least 6 different ethnicities.
I believe that hoodies are the capes of the future and ties address class.

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My time at the Nickelodeon Animation Studio ended roughly a month ago and I had a wonderful time there. I met so many wonderful friends and created long lasting friendships which I remain in contact with. Many of us have parted ways and are on to new adventures. A couple were hired, some still have school, and others had graduation and/or new job opportunities on the horizon. Overall, it was a spectacular experience and would do it again if I could. I may post some pictures to share my experience there. 

Recent great news: As of two days ago (June 11, 2014), I am officially a Post Production Intern at Warner Bros. TV.

I was playing summer by ear and one day discovered Warner Bros. TV was looking for a student interested in Post Production. I had to apply. Within four days, I heard from them and got an interview. Everyone was very nice and walked me through the stuff I should know about the department. As for the interview with the hiring manager, it lasted about five minutes. Although short in itself, we had talked quickly and tried to hit main points with haste. Leaving the studio, I pondered about what someone could say if they only had a sentence to express their interest in something. It certainly felt like I was pitching myself (but I guess that’s what an interview is in a nutshell, isn’t it?). 

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I saw that the solicitation cover for the third Korra Dark Horse art book is up on Amazon’s pre-order now. That was an earlier work-in-progress version, and this one above is slightly different, and if history is any indicator I will still be tweaking it up until Dark Horse rips it out of my hands at the absolute last second. The background design is an update by Angela Sung of an old ATLA one by Ricardo Delgado. Fred Stewart did an absolutely exquisite job painting it––probably one of my top 5 favorite background paintings of his on Korra. Korra was drawn and colored by me. The Book 2 art book will be released on September 16, 2014, and the Book 3 art book, which we are working on right now, will come out on January 20, 2015.


Pitched a concept for a short at Nickelodeon today. I was a bit of a nervous since this would be the first time I actually pitch to a studio and that my materials for the pitch weren’t finalized until nearly 15 minutes before my scheduled time. Now that it is out of the way, I feel more confident about potentially pitching ideas in the future. I would recommend people to attempt it once. The Nickelodeon Animated Shorts Program is always looking for people to give them great ideas so they can work by their side to make their idea come to fruition.

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Whoah, it’s been a while since the last one…yay to a new episode tomorrow!

Looks like the design I helped put together is up in the studio.
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With January now at a close, I look onward to what possibilities this year has to offer. The first two weeks of another semester has passed and I’m already handling plenty of work and projects that require plenty of attention. Even though I’m a bit intimidated from the workload, I’m actually quite positive. There’s so much information that I’ve wanted to learn or dig deeper into. I have this feeling that this semester may be one of my toughest yet or overall in my major. Soon, I’ll be traveling between the university and Nickelodeon Animation Studios during the weeks as I work my way into the animation industry. 
In other news, my great aunt and great uncle bought me an excellent gift - an art tablet! Those two were sneaky when they heard me speak about a particular model and rushed to purchase it on the internet. They completely planned it so they had a gift for me when the holidays came around. I have to give them credit for pulling that off. There hasn’t been too much time to mess with it, but I like to pick it up from time to time and use it as a mouse to navigate. Probably soon I’ll find some time to try out some new techniques in some art programs. Here’s a quick doodle I did of myself with flat colors on it. Clearly, a work in progress. 
Anyway, I’m excited that 2014 has begun. This year has me very hopeful of what there is to come in my future and life. Happy New Year, everyone!

Studio Ghibli just announced its first ever TV series, and even more exciting it’s an adaptation of a book by Astrid Lindgren. “Sanzoku no Musume Ronja”, or “Ronja the Robber’s Daughter”, will be aired in Japan starting on August 31. It is a coproduction with 3DCG studio Polygon Pictures (known for animating some of Ghost in the Shell, among others), to be directed by Goro Miyazaki. More details are forthcoming.
The story is of a little girl named Ronja, the daughter of a colourful robber chieftain who lives in a castle high on a rock in a dark pine forest. She gets to know the creatures of the forest, meets another kid like herself, and questions her father’s life of robbery.
It will be interesting to see the new route Studio Ghibli takes now that it is making TV animes.
Source: Studio Ghlibi (Facebook)
(vía NHKアニメワールド 山賊の娘ローニャ)




If you’ve ever been stumped on what to draw, this is a fun little web application.
The webpage is filled with lots of drawing ideas that you can randomize - so you’ll never have the excuse that “you don’t know what to draw”.
The page also features a submit area, where you can submit your own ideas.
At the time of posting, there are only a few ideas - but I’m sure that will increase if this gets spread on tumblr.

Something that I will still be like————- nawwwwww

Neato! I’ll have to try this later!

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It’s been a long time since I’ve been on this tumblr blog, but I want to recap what has happened during the past and update the new things going on in my life. 

Here’s a recap:

  • Completed my first year of university.
  • Completed my second year of university.
  • Ran my fourth Marathon  (March 12, 3013 - St. Patrick’s Day) with a fantastic time of 3:44:57. A new record!
  • Met many people who have worked in the field of animation, illustration, and/or freelance art. There have been people like Mike Cedeno, Pascal Campion, Stephen Silver, Alice Herring, Dana Cluverius, and Jake Parker. 
  • Gave my dog, Cocoa, to my best friend’s aunt during the summer of 2013. (Yes, I believe this is important, because he is my first dog I have legal ownership of.)
  • Volunteered/worked at conventions in 2013 like Wonder-Con. H.P. Lovecraft and Cthulu-Con, and Creative Talent Network Expo. 

The recent news is:

  • I’m finishing up my 5th semester of university. It’s because of this semester that I’ve had so many amazing opportunities with the entertainment industry, more specifically, the animation industry.
  • My professor, Larry Loc, taught The World History of Animation this fall. He gave very interesting lectures with all the details that happened in the growing industry up until the present. He would deliver this information with much gusto and, from time to time, offer opportunities to volunteer at various places. That’s the reason I volunteered at H.P. Lovecraft and Cthulu-Con 2013. His class was phenomenal and is worth taking no matter what major you are. We got to see many videos, clips, and artifacts of past and recent animation that is not easy to come across. This class was worth every second. 
  • The biggest piece of news for me is that today, December 17, 2013, I was offered an intern position at Nickelodeon Animation Studios come Spring 2014 in Post-production. I’m more than glad to say this will be my first internship in university. 

I’ll post updates of some more pivotal moments in my life now that I’ve returned to this tumblr blog from a long hiatus!

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